NEXUS Pheromones™

Nexus Pheremones human pheremones pump

Humans produce and react to pheromones, so much so that studies have even shown that exposure to men's pheromones can affect a woman's ovulation cycle, meaning, her readiness and interest in having intercourse.

NEXUS Pheromones™ delivers these essential chemical-hormonal elements to subtly yet unmistakably communicate your masculine power. Simply apply NEXUS Pheromones™ onto your pulse points or even blend it with your aftershave then let the fun begin!

With NEXUS Pheromones™, it all happens instantly, naturally and without her knowing anything except that she is attracted to you. You'll experience more attention, more conversation and more sex, guaranteed!

  • Only $49.95 for 1 pump
  • Only $69.90 for 2 pumps
  • Only $129.80 for 4 pumps
  • Only $161.80 for 5 pumps /5 months supply (You save $88)

Add $32.00 for each pump over 5 pumps

Human Euphoria™

Human Euphoria human pheremones pump

Human Euphoria™ blends human pheromones with essential oils - the result is a scent that creates instant sexual interest! Science proves it: Pheromones are at work in the sexual attraction and mating behavior of most animal species - but only humans have the ability to summon that power on demand with Human Euphoria™ pheromone concentrates. Our pheromones are 99.99% pure reagent-grade product and contain a combination of both Androstenone and Androstenol pheromones for the stronger sexual attractant you'll find anywhere!

Pheromones can cause everyone to respond more favorably to you. Need a little extra confidence in business or at a social event? It's a nice edge in any setting where you need to be perceived as a positive, successful attractive person.

  • Only $49.95 for 1 pump
  • Only $85.95 for 2 pumps
  • Only $120.95 for 3 pumps
  • Only $155.95 for 4 pumps
  • Only $190.95 for 5 pumps

Add $35.00 for each pump over 5 pumps